magic carpet

Warp Cotton

Weft Sisal

September 2021



Warp Cotton

Weft Cotton/Linon

June 2021


10.+11. April

Warp Wool

Weft Wool

April 2021


adjust your tie

Warp Silk

Weft Merino wool

October 2020



Warp Cotton, Silk, Wool

Weft Linon, Wool, Cotton

September 2020

Atelier for Weaving & Fabrics

pasdepubmerci - Atelier for Weaving and Fabrics opened in 2014 in the Plagwitz district of Leipzig, Germany and is housed in what was a worsted yarn spinning mill.

The atelier is a site of exploration with textiles subjected to constant testing to identify new combinations of materials, weaving technique and colours, all with an eye to discover new combinations and product applications.

The atelier specializes in the development of handwoven textile objects in wool, linen, cotton and silk and is open to special orders of all kinds.

Julia – Designer & Weaver

Since completing my design studies in Dessau over 19 years ago, I have worked as a freelance designer and art director in Leipzig in the fields of corporate communications, illustration and graphic design.


In 2012, my love and passion for handicrafts and traditional skills led me to weaving. Continuing my apprenticeship as a weaver, I began to experiment and explore, seeking to develop my own fine woven fabrics and products.


Today I am working with materials as varied as linen, cotton, metal and wool to combine the time-tested with new approaches.


I am open to inquiries for one-of-a-kind textile designs and invite those interested in visiting the studio or having a look at the sample books and my works to contact me as well.


Julia Günther